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Research Projects

Disease Modelling for Insight and Innovation

At the core of our focus is the utilization of human pluripotent stem cell-derived 3D organoids as a faithful platform for disease modelling. These miniaturized, three-dimensional organ-like structures offer an invaluable opportunity to replicate key aspects of organ development within a controlled laboratory environment. By meticulously recreating the microenvironmental niches and transcriptional machinery inherent to organogenesis, we strive to gain unparalleled insights into the mechanisms underlying diseases such as cardiovascular disorders and diabetes. This understanding serves as a foundation for innovative approaches to drug discovery, disease progression elucidation, and therapeutic interventions.

Merging Developmental and Molecular Expertise

Our lab is anchored by a multidisciplinary approach that synergizes developmental and stem cell biology, advanced molecular techniques, and cutting-edge genomic technologies. We delve deep into the genetic and biochemical underpinnings of organ development, unravelling the intricate choreography of transcriptional regulation, cell signalling, and cellular crosstalk. This holistic approach empowers us to uncover the molecular determinants that guide progenitor cell specification, differentiation trajectories, and the formation of functional tissues within the context of 3D organoids.

Innovative Tools for Comprehensive Profiling

We leverage a diverse toolkit that includes state-of-the-art methodologies such as CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing and lineage tracing, encompassing single-cell biology and omics profiling. By harnessing these innovative tools, we probe the genetic, epigenetic, and metabolic landscapes of developing organoids at unprecedented granularity. This granular exploration extends to the investigation of disease-specific perturbations, unravelling the intricate web of factors contributing to disease pathophysiology.

Therapeutic Approaches and Translational Potential

Embedded within our lab's focus is an overarching commitment to translating research findings into tangible therapeutic strategies. By untangling the molecular threads that lead to disease manifestation, we endeavour to pioneer novel approaches for addressing unmet clinical needs. These efforts encompass the exploration of regenerative therapies, where pluripotent stem cell-derived 3D organoids serve as the wellspring for potential cell replacement strategies in cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. In essence, our lab's focus crystallizes around the convergence of advanced stem cell biology, molecular investigations, and 3D organoid technology. By emulating organ development, disease pathways, and potential therapeutic interventions, our research paves the way for profound advancements in our understanding of disease mechanisms, the discovery of transformative treatments, and the realization of personalized, regenerative medical approaches.