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Our Expertise

Our research laboratory thrives on a robust foundation of diverse expertise that seamlessly integrates a range of scientific disciplines. Our team's collective knowledge and skill set converge to navigate the complex landscape of human pluripotent stem cell-derived 3D organoids, disease modeling, and innovative therapeutic approaches. These areas of expertise synergize to drive impactful advancements in cardiovascular diseases and diabetes research.

Developmental and Stem Cell

At the heart of our expertise lies a deep understanding of developmental and stem cell biology. We unravel the intricate symphony of cellular processes orchestrating organ development and differentiation. Our adeptness in manipulating pluripotent stem cells enables us to guide their transformation into specific cell lineages, closely mimicking the developmental trajectories observed in natural organogenesis.

Molecular Proficiency for Mechanistic Insights

Our laboratory boasts an extensive command of advanced molecular biology techniques. We dissect the fundamental genetic mechanisms governing cell fate determination, gene expression, and signalling pathways. By delving into the intricate molecular underpinnings, we uncover the hidden cues directing cellular decisions within 3D organoids, shedding light on the intricacies of disease initiation and progression.

Biochemical Expertise and Cellular Crosstalk

We excel in deciphering the biochemical intricacies that govern cellular behaviour and intercellular communication. Our expertise in deciphering the intricate web of signalling molecules, growth factors, and biochemical gradients provides crucial insights into the dynamic microenvironments required for organoid development. This knowledge bridges the gap between cell-autonomous processes and the collaborative orchestration of cellular crosstalk.

Cellular and Systems Physiology Insights

Our proficiency extends to cellular and systems physiology, where we explore how individual cells interact within the context of intricate systems. We analyze how physiological processes, such as cell metabolism and electrophysiology, contribute to the collective function of 3D organoids. This perspective enables us to mimic organ-level functionality and integrate it into our disease modelling and therapeutic strategies.

CRISPR-Cas9 Precision and Genomic Profiling Prowess

Our experience with CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing empowers us to sculpt the genetic landscape of 3D organoids with precision. This tool allows us to recreate disease-specific genetic mutations or gene correction providing a powerful platform for dissecting disease mechanisms and testing potential therapeutic interventions. Additionally, our expertise in genomic profiling techniques like single-cell biology and metabolomics unveils the nuanced molecular fingerprints of cells within the organoids.

Omics Profiling and Data Integration

We aim to leverage cutting-edge genomic technologies such as single-cell RNA sequencing and metabolomics. The outcome from our research has potential to unravel the comprehensive molecular portraits of developing 3D organoids, help in integrating and interpreting complex omics datasets, provide enabler to derive mechanistic insights and identify pivotal regulatory nodes within disease pathways. In essence, our expertise is the cornerstone of our quest to unravel the mysteries of organ development, disease pathology, and therapeutic interventions. By seamlessly integrating developmental biology, molecular insights, advanced genomic technologies, and innovative gene editing, we forge new pathways in understanding disease mechanisms and exploring novel treatments for cardiometabolic diseases.