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Mr. Shashi Kant Singh

Mr. Shashi Kant Singh (Husband and Father): Mr. Shashi Kant a healthcare management professional and an alumnus of University of Technology Sydney, with several years of dedicated experience, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in strategic decisions & strategy development. His profound passion for science, coupled with his insatiable appetite for knowledge through voracious reading, fuels our unwavering belief that science is the most potent solution to address the complex societal challenges we face. In our family, a shared and unshakable passion for science flows through our veins, forming the foundation of our strong professional alliance and familial bonds. This commitment to science and our family has shaped our professional achievements and instilled in us a deep sense of purpose and unity. We have our share of ups and downs in life, but the larger goal of serving the society and our nation has always glued us together; no matter how far we drift in discussion, there is always a focal point for agreement.

Master Aayushman Singh

Master Aayushman Singh (Child): Aayushman’s life started with a challenging situation as he entered the world on a high-flow ventilator. Aayushman and his mama both were in separate ICUs, fighting for life. After spending 22 days in NICU, Aayushman finally came home. Aayushman is a fighter. He quickly regained his strength, determined to meet all his developmental milestones on time. Remarkably, he took his first steps at just 10 months old, running around, meeting and greeting friends and families, showing a deep curiosity for the world and love for life.

Aayushman's hospital stay proved to be a pivotal moment in Dr. Reena Singh's life, sparking a profound transformation in her career path. As she watched Aayushman's incredible journey from a fragile newborn on a high-flow ventilator to a vibrant and determined child reaching developmental milestones, her commitment towards research to solve real life health challenges and serve the society became stronger and deeper.

In this journey of transformation, Aayushman became not only the source of inspiration but also a symbol of resilience and the enduring power of scientific inquiry. His early struggles laid the foundation for his mother's career as a dedicated translational researcher, driven by a desire to unlock the mysteries of life and health for the betterment of all, solve the unmet clinical needs for young children and young adults.

Miss Anoushka Singh

Miss Anoushka Singh (Child): Anoushka came into this world during the peak of a global pandemic. It was a unique and challenging time for our family. Anoushka’s arrival brought lots of joy, love and happiness in the family.

As a junior most scientist in the family, she has developed her own personality, strong and determined mind. Her intelligence is evident by her unwavering questions, curiosity, interest to learn and ability to participate in discussions even at this tender age. She is scientist in making, determined to contribute her part to the world of science.

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